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Is Raw Food Better for Cats?

Atlanta, Georgia Raw Pet Food Company

Simply put, raw food diets mimic what your cat would be eating in the wild, and they have sharp teeth and claws for a reason. Cats are classified as obligate carnivores and depend entirely on meat for their nutrition. The canned or bagged food that many commercial brands are promoting might not even contain meat, […]

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Commercial Pet Food Recalls from Other Companies

Safe, Raw Pet Food for Cats & Dogs in Atlanta, Georgia

It’s only April, and there have already been several raw, canned, and dry pet food recalls affecting pet parents everywhere. Recalls are issued for dangerous contamination or product errors. Here are just a few of the recent recalls: Blue Ridge Beef – Turkey with Bone Blue Ridge Beef, out of Eatonton, Georgia, is recalling one […]

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Nutritional Content of Different Meats for Cats & Dogs

Corrina's Corner Raw Pet Food in Atlanta & Decatur

A proper raw food diet for your dog or cat is much more than the meat. Without other essential food elements like bones or tissue, your pet’s diet becomes highly unbalanced. At Corrina’s Corner, we are the experts when it comes to feeding your companion the proper nourishment using simple food in its purest form. […]

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Treat Pets with Raw Bones and Pet Food

Jack Russell Terrier in Field

Lose the “scoop and serve” mentality, and start feeding your pets raw food with valuable nutrition, which they cannot get from commercial pet food. Unlike the pet food industry, Corrina’s Corner in Decatur understands the importance of serving your pets the proper nourishment, so we are selling and promoting our locally sourced, USDA inspected raw […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Raw Pet Food

Border Collie in Field

Corrina’s Corner in Decatur is all about feeding pets real food with the proper nutrition, and our raw food products provide a biologically appropriate dietary option for cats and dogs. Commercial pet food companies make profit and convenience their top priorities, but at Corrina’s Corner, we believe in safe, nutritious and quality pet food. Our […]

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Why Raw Feeding is the Perfect Diet for Dogs with Kidney Problems

Dog Running through Field

Dogs with kidney problems are experiencing a phenomenon where their kidneys are unable to concentrate the waste they filter out, resulting in higher volumes of water being required for your dog’s body to function effectively. A raw diet provides the protein and water content required to keep your dog healthy and feeling good. Here’s how: […]