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How to Balance Fats for a Healthier Dog Like a Pro

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If you want your pooch to enjoy glowing health for life, you need to make sure to feed him or her a proper and well-rounded diet at all times. That means you need to learn how to balance fats correctly. Fat balancing can give you a dog that’s energetic, vibrant and lively.

It can give you the company of a dog who can stay in your life for years and years on end, too. Nothing on earth is better than that. Omega-3 oils have the ability to reduce inflammation in canines. They can safeguard dogs from all types of unpleasant and serious medical conditions as well, such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

Take Advantage of Lean Meats

If you want to give your dog vital fats, it can help to rely on lean meats. Try to give your dog lean beef with a percentage of anywhere between 90 and 93 percent. Don’t exceed anything that goes beyond 80 percent fat for fully mature dogs. Don’t exceed 88 percent for young puppies, either. Refrain from cooking bones. Cooked bones can sometimes splinter, which can lead to internal trauma.

Feed Your Pooch Sardines

If you wish to figure out how to balance fats for a healthier dog, you should pay careful attention to sardines, interestingly enough. Introducing sardines to your pet’s feeding plan can help a lot. Sardines can give dogs both EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosohexanoic acid), which can be better than just giving dogs fish oils.

That’s due to the fact that sardines include trace minerals. Iodine is just one strong example. EPA and DHA both are rather delicate. They require ample defense within pets’ physiques, which is why dogs need to consume them alongside minerals and antioxidants alike. If you feed your pet sardines, you can achieve this goal perfectly.

Take Chicken and Poultry in General into Consideration

Chicken is a form of meat that’s chock-full of polyunsaturated fats. It’s particularly full of linoleic acid (LA). It’s critical to refrain from adding additional foods high in linoleic acids to your dog’s diet. Instead, you can add foods rich in ALA (alpha-linolenic acid).

As a good rule of thumb, for every pound or 1 ¼ pound of lean poultry, get rid of the most of the fat and skin and add:

  • 3 TSP of freshly ground chia seeds or flax seeds or one TSP of chia seed oil or flaxseed oil, and
  • ¼ of a 3.75 OZ can of sardines in olive oil or water

If you’re feeding your pup bone-in chicken, make sure to include approximately 40% of meat with the bone in, such as necks as well as 60% without the bone, like boneless thighs. You can remove the skin from half of the necks. Remember, never feed your dog cooked bones as cooked bones can splinter, which is dangerous for your dog’s health.

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Responsible and committed dog owners should do anything and everything they can to encourage optimal wellness in their animals. If you want to help your dog feel fit as a fiddle for life, fat balancing is exactly the thing you need to do. Fat balancing can give your dog longevity and help protect him or her from the stresses of various medical conditions.

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