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Best Exercises to Help Dogs Lose Weight

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If you are looking to help your dog lose weight, you’re not alone. Over half of our nation’s dogs are overweight. This means almost 40 million pets are at risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, and lung disorders.

At Corrina’s Corner, we are passionate and committed to helping pets be healthy and happy. Along with a healthy diet, exercise is really important for pets as it helps them slim down, stay fit, and reduce their risk of developing many serious diseases. Here are some of the best exercises to help dogs lose weight.

Exercises to Help Overweight Dogs Lose Weight

Walking Your Dog

Getting your dog moving is the best way to help them lose weight! Walking your pup is the most obvious exercise. We recommend walking your dog 30 minutes each day to facilitate weight loss.

Playing Fetch

If you’re looking to change it up your routine with your dog, why not play fetch? Taking your dog and playing fetch with them is a great way for them to burn off some calories, get some great exercise, and have fun, too!

Taking Your Dog Swimming

A great exercise for dogs to lose weight is swimming! Often overlooked, swimming can really aide in a dog’s weight loss. It gets the heart pumping and can burn a lot of calories. Swimming is a great weight-loss option for overweight dogs with joint pain.

Doggy Fitness Classes

Believe it or not, there are some fun fitness classes that allow your furry friend to come along, too! From boot camp classes, to Doga (Yoga), Go Fetch Run cross-training, and Butts and Guts with your Mutts, you can find lots of different canine classes that aren’t only great for your dogs, but will get your heart pumping, too!

Incorporating a Healthy Raw Food Diet to Aid in Weight Loss for Dogs

Along with an exercise routine, it’s important to feed your dog healthy, biologically appropriate food. Corrina’s Corner proudly offers steroid-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free raw food. Our all-natural and hand-packaged food is made with love in Atlanta, Georgia.

The problem with commercial pet food is that it is a poor substitute for REAL food. It’s often loaded with byproducts, fillers, and other ingredients that aren’t necessarily good for your dog’s overall health. By switching to a raw diet, your dog could experience improved weight management, as well as a variety of other benefits.

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