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The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs with Pancreatitis

Happy Dog Lying in Field of Green Clovers

In today’s world, dog’s diets are highly kibble focused. This had led to a variety of health issues from immune system complications to allergies, and kidney problems. Switching your dog to a more natural, balanced diet of raw food can help solve the underlying problems of many medical issues including pancreatitis. The pancreas is responsible […]

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How A Raw Feeding Diet Helps Dogs with Allergies

Beagle Dog in Field

A runny nose, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat are all common signs of allergies in humans. Although most people never think about dog allergies, your pup can suffer from them as well. Dog allergy symptoms include itchy, red, skin; increased scratching; itchy ears; sneezing; vomiting; and diarrhea. In addition, your pup can be allergic […]

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Feeding Pets with Special Dietary Needs

Dog & Cat Cuddled Up On Kitchen Floor

Pet owners who have adopted pets with health issues know how hard it is to find a diet that both improves the condition of their pet’s health and tastes good. The team at Corrina’s Corner recommends feeding your dog or cat a raw diet if you’re looking for the best way to feed a pet […]