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How to Keep Cats from Eating Each Other’s Food

Cat Feeding Tips from Corrina's Corner in Atlanta & Decatur, Georgia

It can be frustrating if you have multiple cats when they try to eat each other’s food. While one dominant cat is getting excess food, the other cat may be underfed. This kind of behavior will lead to obesity for one cat and malnutrition for another if an intervention doesn’t occur. At Corrina’s Corner, it’s […]

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Corrina's Corner Raw Pet Food & Pet Diet Tips in Atlanta & Decatur, GA

As dog owners, we know our furry friends don’t always have the most hygiene-friendly habits.  From rolling in mud to licking their rear ends, they can act pretty disgusting, but the grossest habit of all may be eating poop. Whether it’s another dog’s poop or their own, many dogs have the urge to consume feces. […]

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Raw Food for Older Dogs & Cats

Corrina's Corner Raw Pet Food Company in Atlanta & Decatur, GA

If your aging dog or cat is suffering from health problems, switching them to a raw food diet can help! You may not realize it, but as your companions age, they require different nutrients. In fact, as they age, they require more digestible nutrients, to continue to support their immune system against the natural process […]

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Best Exercises to Help Dogs Lose Weight

Corrina's Corner Raw Dog Food Company Serving Atlanta & Decatur

If you are looking to help your dog lose weight, you’re not alone. Over half of our nation’s dogs are overweight. This means almost 40 million pets are at risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, and lung disorders. At Corrina’s Corner, we are passionate and committed to helping pets be healthy and […]

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Your Atlanta Raw Dog Food Supplier

Atlanta Raw Pet Food Company

Here at Corrina’s Corner, we are incredibly proud to serve the pets and pet owners of Atlanta with the highest quality raw pet food. We are proud believers in the science behind raw pet food, and we are proud to be Atlanta’s first original raw pet food store with licensing from the Department of Agriculture. […]

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How to Tell if My Dog Has Food Allergies

Dog with Food Allergies

Is your dog consistently itching and scratching, or frequently suffering from ear infections and poor coat quality? Whether you have just switched your dog’s food or they have been eating the same food for years, food allergies can pop up at any time for several reasons. Just like with in humans, a food allergy occurs […]

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How Your Dog’s Food Affects Their Behavior

Raw Dog Food Company in Atlanta & Decatur, Georgia

If your dog is irritable, aggressive, or hyperactive, you might want to turn to the labels on their food. Your dog could be experiencing health issues such as allergies, physical or mental complications, and digestive problems because of the ingredients in their food. Just like with humans, the better the quality of food and the […]