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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

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As dog owners, we know our furry friends don’t always have the most hygiene-friendly habits.  From rolling in mud to licking their rear ends, they can act pretty disgusting, but the grossest habit of all may be eating poop.

Whether it’s another dog’s poop or their own, many dogs have the urge to consume feces. This urge can be the result of many factors whether they are medical or behavioral.

Five Common Reasons Dogs Eat Poop

From medical complications to behavioral issues, there are several reasons that may be leading your dog to eating poop. Corrina’s Corner has put together the five most common reasons your dog may be turning to poop.

1. Nutritional Imbalance

It may not be pretty but feces are full of nutrients. Before dogs were house pets, they were eating prey, which naturally contained the enzymes necessary for digestion. Digestive enzymes are a key component of your dog’s digestive process, and without them, they can’t properly absorb their food. With the common kibble diets, dogs aren’t absorbing enough nutrients, leading them to eat poop – their own or from another dog – to get the nutrients they need.

2. Parasites

Intestinal parasites that absorb the nutrients your dog should be getting from their food could be another reason your dog is craving stool. With the inability to absorb the proper nutrients, your dog may constantly feel hungry, causing them to turn to poop for food and nutrients.

3. Cleanliness

Believe it or not, your dog may be eating poop because they are somewhat of a “clean freak.” By eating their own poop or others poop, they are trying to clean up. This is especially prevalent in female dogs after having puppies, the female dog will often eat her puppies’ feces to keep their nest clean.

4. Attention

It’s no secret that dogs crave attention from their owners. If your dog is starting to feel a little neglected they might turn to bad behavior, like eating poop, because getting in trouble means they have our attention.

5. Boredom

If your dog isn’t being stimulated often, they are probably bored. Whether they are left in a crate all day or out in the yard, dogs have short attention spans and need to be kept busy. If your dog is eating poop in their crate or outside, they may need more exercise or a change in their routine.

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