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How Your Dog’s Food Affects Their Behavior

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If your dog is irritable, aggressive, or hyperactive, you might want to turn to the labels on their food. Your dog could be experiencing health issues such as allergies, physical or mental complications, and digestive problems because of the ingredients in their food. Just like with humans, the better the quality of food and the more balanced your dog’s diet is the better their physical and mental health will be. Everything from the time you feed your dog to the ingredients in their food can influence their behavior.

Corrina’s Corner strives to keep all dogs happy and healthy. We believe that switching your pet’s food to a raw diet is a great way to get them back to their natural feeding regimen. We are different from other raw pet food stores because we use only locally-sourced ingredients. Our production, labeling, and packaging are all under one roof, and we never use any additives or preservatives.

Behavioral Changes in Dogs due to Diet


Just like in humans, when a dog is eating an unbalanced diet they can become irritable or aggressive. Dogs should be eating a balanced diet of raw meat and uncooked bones. When a dog’s diet is too high in filler ingredients such as carbohydrates, your dog can experience uncomfortable health problems that can cause aggression.


Certain breeds are prone to have more energy than others. If your dog is displaying frenetic activity, an abnormally short attention span, high impulsiveness, or overbearing, attention-seeking behavior, they could be suffering from hyperactivity. An abundance of sugar in your dog’s diet could be causing or enhancing these characteristics.


Protein is an important element in dog’s diets, but when protein levels are imbalanced, it can create problems with their behavior. Protein is directly linked to the production of serotonin. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that assists in the production of serotonin. Protein supplies many vitamins and nutrients to the body, so when there is too little protein in a diet, tryptophan has to compete to be absorbed. This results in low levels of tryptophan, difficulty producing serotonin, and unstable moods.

Corrina’s Corner Raw Dog Food Diet

Raw foods are easier for dogs to digest, allowing more of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed. If you have a dog that is experiencing behavioral issues, you might want to make a change in their diet. Allow the experts at Corrina’s Corner to help. We provide high-quality raw foods that are affordable and convenient.

Correct your dog’s behavior with a well-balanced raw diet! Reach out to us or start shopping online now to get your dog’s new diet started today.