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Feeding Pets with Special Dietary Needs

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Pet owners who have adopted pets with health issues know how hard it is to find a diet that both improves the condition of their pet’s health and tastes good. The team at Corrina’s Corner recommends feeding your dog or cat a raw diet if you’re looking for the best way to feed a pet with special dietary needs.

A high-quality, well-balanced diet is fundamental to your pet’s health. Their diet can directly affect their immune system and overall well-being. Here’s why:

1. Feeding Pets with Kidney Disease

Feeding pets with kidney disease can be unnerving at first, but developing a routine to their diet becomes incredibly important. Making the lifestyle change to start feeding your pet raw food may be just what the doctor ordered.

Most pet owners, in efforts to skip food prepping at home, tend to buy store-bought dog and cat food formulated for pets with kidney disease. Now, you don’t have to. A raw diet provides the high-quality protein that pets with weak kidneys need to support their renal health.

Studies show that wet food also helps with kidney disease. The high level of water in wet foods is incredibly beneficial. At Corrina’s Corner, we offer a raw food grind that’s created to feed pets who require a low intake in sugar and a high intake in moisture.

2. Feeding Pets with Heart Disease

Feeding pets with heart disease focuses on lowering your pet’s salt intake. Increased sodium in the diet causes increased levels of sodium circulating through the blood. The elevation in sodium levels turns into high blood pressure.

As blood pressure increases, the diseased heart must continue to enlarge to pump blood through the veins. If your pet’s food is high in sodium, it might be time to offer them a well-balanced, raw diet with only natural sodium levels and no preservatives.

3. Feeding Pets with Bladder Stones

Bladder stones can start out small and grow overtime causing issues such as urinary accidents, discolored urine and urination straining. While some bladder stones can be difficult to dissolve through changes to your pet’s diet alone, a raw diet may be able to help prevent future bladder stones from forming.

4. Feeding Pets to Lower Obesity

When feeding dogs and cats who suffer from obesity, you need to put a lot of thought into their diet. It’s probably not a good idea to casually feed your pet scraps from the table. Pets affected by obesity are more prone to arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

While your pet’s weight might seem normal, pay special attention to the calorie and fat levels of your pet’s food. A healthy, raw food diet has been proven to reduce obesity in dogs. Raw food limits the amount of fat and calories found in pet food, which can help slim down an overweight pet.

5. Feeding Pets who Suffer From Diarrhea

Feeding pets that suffer from bouts of diarrhea can be strenuous. Affected pets typically suffer from small bowel or large bowel diarrhea. A high fiber diet has been shown to be beneficial for digestion. Low-fat, easily soluble raw food that is high in fiber, calcium and phosphorous nutrients can improve your pet’s digestive health.

Switch Your Dog or Cat to Raw Pet Food from Corrina’s Corner

If your pet has special needs, chances are a raw food diet can help immensely. Contact the experts at Corrina’s Corner for professional advice on what to do if your pet has been diagnosed with a disease. We provide antibiotic-free, high-quality raw foods that are budget-friendly and convenient. Start shopping online today to begin the switch to a raw pet food diet for your cat or dog.