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Five Signs It’s Time to Change Your Dog’s Food

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The standard practice of feeding your dog the same bag and brand of dry pet food for their entire life is finally being challenged. Whether you’ve selected the best quality dog food or the just the brand that’s always on sale, it’s important to re-evaluate the food you give your dog and how it might be affecting their health. Just like humans, dogs require food that offers balanced nutrients. The raw dog food from Corrina’s Corner offers that perfect balance for your four-legged friend.

Here are several reasons why it’s time to switch your dog’s food!

1. Dull, flaky coat

If your dog is experiencing bald spots or their coat appears flaky and lackluster, then it might be time to consider changing their diet. This is especially true if you’re noticing frequent skin irritation on your dog. When your pet’s glossy coat isn’t what it used to be, replacing their nourishment for a diet rich in fatty acids can show vast improvement to their coat and overall health of their skin.

2. Your Dog is Getting Older

Dietary needs change as dogs grow older. Older dogs need different amounts of certain nutrients to maintain their health, and it isn’t uncommon for senior dogs to simply experience more frequent tummy troubles.

You can help soothe your dog’s stomach by feeding them raw sources of protein, which are easily digestible, offer an increase in energy, and can boost your pet’s immunity.

3. Your Dog is Overweight

Commercial, dry pet foods are full of fillers, which aren’t a necessary part of your dog’s recommended diet. These nutrient deficient foods cause dogs to overeat, but they are abundant in calories, which can cause weight issues for your dog.

However, a raw diet offers a rich balance of nutrients, so you can feed your pet the right amount to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.

4. Your Dog is Always Sleepy or Lethargic

At times, it’s understandable when our pets get worn out. However, if it’s taking them longer than usual to recover, this may be a sign it’s time to change their food. High-quality, raw food contains high levels of antioxidants, which can naturally help boost their immune system and accelerate your pet’s recovery.

5. Your Dog is Experiencing Food Allergies

While you may have made progress with your pup after feeding him grain-free and limited-ingredient food, after a year or two some of the common signs of allergies might begin to reappear. Common signs of allergies are itchy skin, itchy paws, chewing paws, yeast, ear or skin infections.

Swapping their food overnight can also irritate allergies. Although, the development of allergies usually builds up through constant exposure. You should rotate foods every three months to reap full benefits and avoid the progress of allergies.

Corrina’s Corner offers a wide selection of raw proteins to offer your dog a balanced, diverse diet.

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