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How to Get Started Feeding a Prey Model Raw Diet

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Pet owners everywhere are now hearing buzz about the outstanding benefits of prey model raw diets. This nutritional approach aims to provide your pup with foods that emulate the natural diet of a wild canine without requiring them to go out and hunt on their own.

The prey model raw diet is 100 percent devoid of any grains or processed foods. It’s made up of primarily muscle meats and parts like liver, raw bone and various other types of organs. Continue reading to learn more about how to start feeding your pup a prey model raw diet.

Why Should I Choose the Prey Model Diet?

The prey model raw diet involves feeding your dog foods just as nature intended— in the whole. This is because a carnivore’s digestive system and teeth are both made to consume prey. One of the most important reasons to feed raw, bone-in, whole meats to your pet is because of the impact it has on their holistic and oral health.

Ripping, tearing, slicing, crunching, and gnawing through bones and raw meat can do wonders to improve their gums and teeth. If your pet has an unhealthy mouth with rotten gums and teeth, it can lead to a long list of health problems. In contrast, a healthy mouth and clean gums serves as the gateway to a holistically healthier pet.

Don’t Feed Your Pet Kibble and a Prey Model Raw Diet Simultaneously

Although some processes require slow and smooth transitions, this isn’t one. It can actually be wise to transition to the prey model diet rather abruptly. Most importantly, it’s critical to avoid feeding your four-legged friend raw food while he’s still consuming standard kibble.

That’s because a prey model raw diet and basic kibble can overwhelm your pup’s body and bring on digestive issues. Spare your pet the discomfort, and avoid feeding him or her kibble and raw meats at the same time.

How to Get Started Feeding a Prey Model Raw Diet

The first step to introducing your dog to the prey model raw diet is to fast them a day prior, followed by a small meal of raw food the first day. If you give your dog too much raw food in the beginning, it can be detrimental.

Make sure to start with only one protein source. The recommended first food to start with is bone-in chicken parts, such as chicken backs for the first two or three days. Chicken backs have a high bone content, which is good for the first few days to create firmer stools.

After the third day, you can introduce chicken quarters and alternate backs with every other meal. You can continue alternating chicken quarters and backs for the first seven days until you have consistently firm stools.

Contact Corrina’s Corner for Help Transitioning to a Prey Model Diet

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