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How to Keep Cats from Eating Each Other’s Food

Cat Feeding Tips from Corrina's Corner in Atlanta & Decatur, Georgia

It can be frustrating if you have multiple cats when they try to eat each other’s food. While one dominant cat is getting excess food, the other cat may be underfed. This kind of behavior will lead to obesity for one cat and malnutrition for another if an intervention doesn’t occur.
At Corrina’s Corner, it’s our mission to help pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy. Read on to learn some tips for keeping cats from stealing each other’s food.

Stop Cats from Stealing Each Other’s Food

1. Create a Feeding Schedule for Your Cats

One of the best ways to ensure your cats get equal amounts of food is to create a feeding schedule instead of having bowls full of food out 24/7. This way, you can monitor exactly how much each cat eats individually. Plus, your cats will prefer the routine.

2. Try Feeding Your Cats in Separate Rooms

Along with putting your cats on a feeding schedule, you may want to try feeding them in separate rooms. Although this is time consuming, it’s effective at making sure your cats eat their own food, and not each other’s. Ideally, you’ll want to separate them with the doors closed, but if you can’t make this happen, just be sure to monitor them during this time.

3. The High Low Method

Many pet owners swear by the High Low feeding method. This involves feeding one cat up on a chair, while the other is fed on the floor. This method works best if you have one cat that struggles to jump. For this method, you’ll still want to keep an eye on them though, in case they still try to steal from the other cat’s bowl.

4. Choose the Right Cat Food

When cats eat others’ food, it is of extra concern when cats require different diets. For example, a ‘balanced diet’ for a kitten will definitely differ for a senior cat. Moreover, some cats are put on diets that will help with existing illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, or allergies. Ideally, you would be able to find one food that can meet the nutritional needs of all of your cats.

Choosing a Raw Food Diet for your Cats

If your cats are currently on different diets and stealing each other’s food, you may want to switch them to the same diet. When transitioning them to a new food, it may be the right time to consider a raw food diet. Raw food diets for cats have been shown to improve weight management, improve digestion, increase energy levels, and reduce hairballs.

Get your cat back to eating what nature intended with a high-quality raw food diet from Corrina’s Corner. Contact us to learn how to transition your cats to a raw food diet or start shopping online to pick out your cats’ next meal!