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New E-Commerce and Subscription Service

Corrina’s Corner is excited to introduce a new ecommerce platform on our website to make the ordering and re-ordering process easier for our customers. Customers will now be able to subscribe weekly to Corrina’s Corner which will include the ability to order thru text.

Customers will need to create a new account even if they previously had an account.

Customers will now receive text reminders on Sunday to place their order. Also, customers will receive reminders to leave bags out one day before their delivery day.

Ordering Instructions for first time users or new customers

  • Go to or click “Shop” in the navigation or “Shop Now” on the homepage.
  • Click new order or create an account.
  • Enter your name, cell phone number and email, then click create account.
  • You will be texted and emailed a login token, enter that token.
  • Select if you would like a one-time order or weekly subscription.
  • Select the items you would like to order.
  • Hit the green bar across the bottom that says “complete item”.
  • Enter your zip code and state.
  • Select pickup or delivery.
  • If you select delivery, please enter your full delivery address.
  • Review your confirmation and checkout.

Ordering from Text

  • Click the link that was texted to you.
  • Select your items.
  • Hit complete order.
  • Review your order.
  • Hit the button that says “pay” at the bottom of the screen.