Our Story

Our Story - Corrinas Corner

Finding Corrina

Corrina is a beautiful reddish, caramel colored mutt. But it was not always this way. We found Corrina at a local rescue in Minnesota where they had pretty much given up on her. She was almost completely bald, was totally lethargic, and had scratched open wounds into her skin. Moved by this pitiful little mutt, we adopted her.

Diagnosed with a Grain Allergy

We brought her to a vet who quickly diagnosed her with a severe grain allergy. We tried many types of commercial foods over the course of a year. And while some markedly improved her condition, nothing was able to completely “cure” her.

Trying Grain Free, Raw Dog Food

At our wit’s end, we finally visited a holistic vet who suggested that the only way for Corrina to live a fulfilled life was to make her food out of human-grade ingredients and preferably serve it to her raw. We followed the vet’s instructions and saw unbelievable changes in Corrina. It sounds cliché, but she truly was a different dog.

An Expensive Diet

Buying chicken wings and ground meat at the grocery store for a 70 lb. dog quickly became prohibitively expensive. We began to get in touch with meat distributors who were able to offer reasonable prices, and we soon discovered that with a little time and effort we could feed Corrina a biologically appropriate diet for cheaper than most premium-grade commercial foods.

Corrina Was a Happy Dog

In the process, we have learned so much about animal nutrition and realized that nothing was wrong with Corrina after all. Her body simply could not handle anything but what she should have been eating anyway—a diet consisting of unprocessed, natural protein and fat sources and no grain.

Sharing the Knowledge…and the Food

Everywhere we went, we told Corrina’s story, and we converted many friends and family to biologically appropriate feeding. Soon we were making pounds and pounds of Corrina’s Formula to share with all of our converts. Everywhere we went our story was at least met with intrigue, if not fascination. From dog parks to airplanes, people’s interest in the knowledge we had acquired through extensive studying and trial-and-error was compelling.

A New Destiny in Atlanta

After moving to Atlanta, and discovering the wonderfully progressive neighborhoods on the East Side that were filled with pet lovers, our destiny became clear. As we become more conscious of our own health, we are becoming increasingly concerned about the way that we feed and nurture our animal loved ones. We know that biologically appropriate feeding will continue to grow as pet owners continue to explore new options of animal rearing. We hope to provide a cost-effective, convenient solution to your natural pet care needs.