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Prescription Dog Food vs. Raw Dog Food

Why Raw Dog Food is Better than Prescription Dog Food

Some vets might recommend putting your pup on a prescription pet food diet, but is this really the best choice for your dog?

If you have your doubts, you are not alone. Not only is prescription pet food pricey, but there are also some other issues with this type of pet food that you may not be aware of.

At Corrina’s Corner, we are committed to providing your dogs with the highest quality raw food. Read on to learn the benefits of a raw dog food diet and why prescription pet food isn’t the best choice.

Problems with Prescription Dog Food

While these vet-prescribed dog foods claim to benefit dogs with certain health conditions, there are certain issues with these products that pet owners should be aware of.

Prescription pet food is incredibly pricey, but it doesn’t always give pet owners a great value. In fact, these foods are often loaded with preservatives that could be potentially harmful to your pet’s health. Many of these additives have been banned from human food, but pet food is still pumped full of similar chemicals. As humans, if we don’t feel comfortable feeding ourselves with certain additives and preservatives, why should we feed it to our pups?

These artificial chemicals have been linked to poor behavior in dogs and even with cancer. Many of the additives, including tartrazine and carmoisine, are thought to cause hyperactivity in humans. There is no reason to believe that this would be any different for animals.

Furthermore, these big brands are often in a partnership with veterinarians. The message from these companies, including Royal Canin Foods, is clear: sell our pet food and your business will profit. This is possibly the reason your vet is encouraging you to purchase those expensive brands – to make money.

Switching Your Pet to a Raw Food Diet

Since prescription pet food is a poor substitute for real food, we at Corrina’s Corner came up with a solution with our raw feeding diet options.

Raw feeding is the most natural diet that a dog can have. Most pet owners notice their pets have an increase in energy, cleaner teeth, healthier skin, shinier coats, and better management of endocrine disorders. While many prescription pet foods claim to put an end to disorders such as obesity, diabetes, kidney problems and more, in many cases, they exacerbate the issues.

At Corrina’s Corner, pet owners can enjoy the peace of mind that they are feeding their dogs food with a simple, natural ingredient list. Each item used in our products is human-grade, antibiotic and hormone free, and USDA inspected. We never use any preservatives or additives that would compromise your pet’s health. See why we are different.

Switch your Dog to a Raw Food Diet with Corrina’s Corner

If you are looking to switch your dog to a raw food diet, you’ve made a great decision! Our team at Corrina’s Corner can help you make the transition and what protein sources would work best for your dog.

Contact us online or start shopping for your dog’s new raw diet.