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How A Raw Feeding Diet Helps Dogs with Allergies

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A runny nose, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat are all common signs of allergies in humans. Although most people never think about dog allergies, your pup can suffer from them as well.

Dog allergy symptoms include itchy, red, skin; increased scratching; itchy ears; sneezing; vomiting; and diarrhea. In addition, your pup can be allergic to a wide array of substances.

A few of the most common dog allergens include:

  • Pollen, mold, dust, and dust mites
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Prescription medication
  • Fleas and flea repellents
  • Perfumes
  • Chemicals
  • Certain fabrics and certain foods

To determine if your pup has allergy problems, you’ll need to take him or her to a veterinarian for an allergy test. After confirming your dog’s allergies, it’s highly likely your vet will suggest a raw food diet for dogs with allergies. Continue reading to learn more about the raw food diet for dogs with allergies.

Can Dogs Have Food Allergies?

Among all of the potential allergens, food allergies are the most common. According to most nutritionists and veterinarians, the raw food diet is the best solution for your dog. Food allergic reactions are when your dog’s immune system mistakenly identifies a certain food or ingredient as dangerous.

Once this happens, your pup’s body will create defensive antibodies to fight off the contaminant. Dogs with food allergies tend to have itchy skin, ear infections, diarrhea, and vomiting. Dog food ingredients most likely to cause an allergic reaction include soy, wheat, and yeast — all of which are common kibble and dry dog food ingredients.

Why Switch to a Raw Food Diet for Dogs with Allergies?

The raw food diet is best for dogs with allergies. Most of the commercial dry dog foods are loaded with grains and wheats that are unnatural for dogs to eat. Dogs are carnivores. They are not made to consume grains, and consuming grains regularly causes problems with their digestion and overall health.

Therefore, it is best to feed dogs a raw food diet loaded with proteins. Switching to a raw food diet can make your dog healthier and may eliminate food and other allergies.

Some of the most common benefits of switching to a raw food diet for dogs with allergies include:

  • A raw food diet is easier for the body to digest.
  • The dog’s body absorbs and utilizes the nutrients more efficiently.
  • This diet strengthens the dog’s immune system, and helps him fight off allergens.
  • The live enzymes in raw food strengthen the dog’s gut in addition to the immune system.
  • A natural, organic raw food diet contains absolutely no allergens.
  • There is an overall improvement in health, including organ functions and joints.
  • This diet improves the dog’s appearance, giving him whiter teeth, healthier skin, and a shinier coat.

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