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Raw Food for Older Dogs & Cats

Corrina's Corner Raw Pet Food Company in Atlanta & Decatur, GA

If your aging dog or cat is suffering from health problems, switching them to a raw food diet can help! You may not realize it, but as your companions age, they require different nutrients. In fact, as they age, they require more digestible nutrients, to continue to support their immune system against the natural process of aging.

At Corrina’s Corner, we are passionate about providing your pet with healthy, affordable food. Pet owners who switch to a raw diet typically see improved weight management, alleviation of skin issues, whiter teeth, better breath, and improvement of arthritis pain. Plus, it can be particularly beneficial for older dogs and cats. See why you should consider switching your aging pet to a raw food diet.

Benefits of Raw Food for Older Dogs & Cats

High quality, fresh raw food can give aging dogs and cats big improvements in their energy level and overall health.

As dogs and cats age, they need more protein to maintain healthy, lean muscle mass and good organ and immune function. The best type of protein for aging dogs and cats is from high quality meat that has been minimally processed.

A raw diet for your older dog or cat will help keep your pet at a healthy weight and give them energy for an active, healthy lifestyle. This can add years to their lives and helps control and minimize the effects of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Since a raw food diet is easier to digest for aging animals, it will minimize the stress on their organs, keeping your pet’s digestive and immune systems strong and resilient.

Choosing a Raw Food Diet for your Aging Pet

Corrina’s Corner is a local raw pet food company serving Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia. Our raw food production occurs in house, and our entire process — from production, labeling, and packing — is done by hand.

We believe pet owners should know exactly what their animals are eating. Furthermore, we believe each ingredient list should remain simple and preservative-free. Rest assured, when you choose Corrina’s Corner Raw Pet Food, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’re feeding your pet high quality food.

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