Gus the French Bulldog - After Raw Feeding DietGus finally has a full coat of fur again! Even the bald spot on his stubby little tail that he’s had since he was a pup has filled in! His stomach also seems happier and no more Frenchie Gas! Thank you!!!”

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Healthy KittiesOur vet then told us about Corrina’s Corner so we placed an order and my boys immediately loved it! The turkey formula and turkey grind are their favorites. Since they’ve been on Corrina’s raw food (almost a year), they have not had any health issues at all! They have beautiful skin and coats.

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Happy German ShepherdsWe started them on Corrina’s Formula and it’s been amazing! They love it, and I love what it’s done for them! Their coats are beautiful–every time we’re out, people compliment them on their good looks.

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LizzyWe chose turkey for Lizzy’s main protein, and cut all carbs out of her diet for a month. Within a few months, Lizzy’s weight dropped to a normal level, and she’s maintained it for a year!