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What Corrina is Eating: Preparing for Spring Allergies

Spring is just around the corner! Like humans, when things start to bud and bloom, seasonal allergies can emerge and start to bother dogs.

With allergies, a fully functioning immune system is the most important preemptive step in combating symptoms.

Our focus in March is to make sure the immune system is firing on all cylinders so that when pollen arrives, we’ll be ready to fight off the itching and scratching. This means feeding neutral or cooling proteins. Allergies are essentially the immune system making a mistake.

Starting with the right meals, we can make sure that we aren’t complicating the immune system’s job and thereby decreasing the chances that it will misfire.

Raw Pork Grind, Duck, and Pork Spleen from Corrina's Corner

Pork Grind (Neutral): Pork is easy to digest, seldom causes allergies, and being neutral on the energy scale is less likely to cause inflammation to distract the immune system. In general, pork is one of our favorite proteins because it is relatively inexpensive, neutral, and easy to find.

Duck Wings (Cooling): Words can’t express how much we like duck! Duck is cooling (think pink, hot skinned, itchy dogs), and as close to hypoallergenic as protein is going to get. Because of these traits, eating duck is low impact on the immune system and is a wonderful choice for removing pressure from the immune system while preparing for allergies.

Pork Spleen (Neutral): Ditto to all of the great things we said about pork. Spleen is one of the most important organs for dogs and cats to eat because of its immune boosting powers. As it relates to the immune system, the spleen filters dead red bloods cells and stores white bloods cells. The enzymes needed for these functions are not surprisingly met in high concentration when spleen is fed. Think of spleen as a natural immune booster.

Fish Oil (Neutral): We love pollock oil, but whatever you do, get more omega 3s into your pup’s diet starting now. White blood cells, the soldiers of the immune system, are made up of fatty acids like omega 3s, so ensuring the soldiers are in their strongest armor will ensure that the immune system is working up to speed.

Now is also a great time to start adding herbal immune boosters to meals. We highly recommend Earth Animal and Herbsmith. Look for herbs with known immune boosting powers like Echinachea, Goldenseal, and Astragalus.