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Everything starts with food.

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Limited ingredients make it easier for your pet’s digestion system to process and utilize.


Low or no starch as dogs and cats lack ability digest it.


Unaltered proteins prevent allergies and leaky gut.


Live enzymes keep the mouth and teeth clean and protect from disease.

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Why Raw

Highly processed vs. Raw, Minimally Processed?

The Decision is a no brainer.


gastrointestinal disorders in dogs and cats have skyrocketed since the popularization of dry pet food. Dental disease is present in a startling 70% of domestic cats and a whopping 87% of domestic dogs. But what about wild cats, wolves, and wild dogs? Is dental disease common in them as well? No, it’s not! This is because instead of the starchy, sugary, processed foods we feed our pets, wild carnivores consume a species-appropriate diet consisting of raw meat and bones. 

It's no coincidence


A species-appropriate diet is when an animal consumes what it’s body is designed for and intended to eat. Since dogs and cats genotypes, or internal anatomy, is essentially the same as their wild ancestors, they too should be consuming raw meat, bones, and organs for optimal health. It just makes sense.

A species-appropriate diet

Dogs and cats are Carnivores.
Their bodies are made to consume and receive nutrition from animal tissue.

Raw Feeding Promotes:

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Clean teeth.
Fresh breath.
Arthritis relief.
Healthy poops.
Increased vitality.
Allergy alleviation.
Increased mobility.
Digestion efficiency.
Weight management.
Less vet bills.
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Dog & Cat Pals

Resilient stomachs designed to handle natural occurring bacteria.

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Sharp teeth for slicing and tearing flesh

Powerful, “trap door” jaws designed to crack bone and gulp food

Short digestive tracts to get food in and out quickly.


Common Misconceptions:


What about bacteria?

From ingestion to excretion, your pet’s entire digestive system is built to consume and process raw meat. Just like their wild counterparts, the stomach is high in acidity which manages the bacteria found in raw meat.

Studies show there has been slight evolution to carb-based diets, but mostly dogs still possess the same genes/genetic makeup as their wild ancestors.

"Pets have evolved to eat different foods"

"My vet says don’t feed raw food"

We encourage everyone to do their own research and make an educated decision on what’s best for their pet. We believe in raw feeding because we’ve seen the change in our pet’s health, and holistic vets will recommend a species appropriate diet. 

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Recommended by Atlanta Center for Animal Osteopathy

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