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Locally Sourced.  Locally Processed.  Hand Packaged.  Raw Pet Food.


About Corrina's Corner & Raw Pet Food

At Corrina’s Corner, we’re driven by our passion for pet nutrition! Our hope is to raise awareness and provide convenient and cost-effective access to biologically appropriate and dynamic diets for pets. That’s why we choose to use natural human-grade and USDA inspected ingredients. We take our responsibility seriously, knowing that our standards not only determine what goes in to our foods, but also affects the health of our pets.  

Locally sourced, processed and hand packaged, our process is simple, made in small batches, and no other ingredients or preservatives are added at any point. It's what your furry loved ones should eat. Simple, real food. 

Give the Gift of Raw!

Introduce family and friends to our raw products! Our special gift set includes a package of six ground products and ships nationwide. 

Our Story

Corrina is a beautiful reddish, caramel-colored mutt, but it wasn't always this way. Learn how the inspiration and namesake for our store began! 

Corrina's Formula - 1lb.
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With metro-wide Atlanta delivery of our pet food now available, raw-feeding has never been this convenient!!!

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